The Man behind the lens

Hello, I'm Victor.

I am a professional photographer based in Houston, TX but rather I consider myself a nomad, adventurer, lover of nature and with the aim of discovering more of this wonderful place called Earth.

Featured Images

Three Brothers

This is a very special image to me for three reasons: 1st, because that day was the first time I saw a snowfall of that magnitude in Texas after 17 years. 2nd, because of the odyssey of driving 5 hours under those crazy conditions just with the purpose of capture that image. And 3rd, because for some unknown reason, those 3 trees remind me of my two brothers and myself every time I see it. That's why I decided to name the image: THREE BROTHERS.


This is a just a very very small example of the many beautiful places that exist in my favorite trail in the State of Arkansas: "The Lost Valley" Its beauty is from another planet. It's one of the reasons why that State is called: "The Natural State".

The Perfect Sunset

This is one of the images that I had visualized in my mind for a long time. I took this image at the top of Clingmans Dome, the highest point in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, my favorite place in the world.